Granite is a stone which needs little maintenance compared to other natural stones however problems do occur which require professional repair and restoration. Although granite doesn’t etch, it is sometimes treated or sealed incorrectly which results in unsightly marks and color inconsistencies with acid contact. Granite can also crack resulting in the need for a professional repair.

Why Granite?

Master Marble  are leading manufacturers and suppliers of granite worktops, bar tops, countertops, floors etc.

More and more people are choosing granite worktops for their bathrooms and kitchens. Granite is a naturally beautiful stone with hundreds of colour choices, different patterns, veins, markings and swirls. Each and every stone is unique.

It is very hard wearing, durable, almost impossible to scratch, easy to maintain and long lasting which makes it the perfect choice for granite worktops, bar tops and countertops.

All granite worktops, countertops, vanity tops etc. are bespoke and manufactured to your requirements and will add elegance, quality and value to any room. Whether you are looking for Jet Black granite worktops, a Bon Accord Impala countertop or a Blue Pearl vanity top we are sure to have the material to suit your taste and requirements.

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