Marble Maintenance

We provide a complete restoration and maintenance service for all types of natural and man made stone including limestone, marble, granite, ceramic and victorian tiles, quarry tiles, porcelain tiles, sandstone and concrete. Our goal is to provide the most professional workmanship and good old fashioned customer service that is the envy of our industry. Unlike other companies that offer a limited ‘polish and go, one process suits all’ service, we can provide a tailor made service to solve almost any problem your stone may have.

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There are different chemicals suitable for granite, slate, limestone, quartz and marble maintenance. These chemicals clean various types of staining and the quicker action is taken the greater the chance of removing marks and stains.

Granite and quartz stone are heat and scratch resistant but not heat and scratchproof. We would always recommend using a chopping board when cutting and a worktop saver when putting hot items down.

It is recommended that for granite, slate, limestone and marble maintenance the material is sealed with MN Stain Stop to help against water penetration and staining. This will remove the long term risk of penetration into the stone.


For general granite, marble, limestone, quartz and marble maintenance, a product such as MN polish care cream can be applied which will help protect and maintain the life of the material. However it may give honed surfaces a slight sheen.

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