Our Services

Master Marble Limited are professional tradesmen experienced in restoring and maintaining marble, granite, limestone & quartz.



Master Marble specialize in marble cleaning and polishing services, we also undertake tasks of marble repair entailing activities like repairing marble crack and…


Granite is a stone which needs little maintenance compared to other natural stones however problems do occur which require professional repair and restora..


Limestone floor is actually quite porous and prone to scratching, staining and fracturing. It also needs to be allowed to breathe, instead of being…

Marble Maintenance

We provide a complete restoration and maintenance service for all types of natural and man made stone including limestone, marble…


At Master Marble, we specialise in quartz worktops which have both the durability of quartz, and the natural beauty of marble.


The actual binding that the chips are laid into can vary in composition. The binding determines the right..