The actual binding that the chips are laid into can vary in composition. The binding determines the right choice of sealant and polish used on the surface, so if in any doubt it’s worth getting a professional to take a look. It’s generally considered a low maintenance surface, most of the wear that occurs is a slow dulling of the surface smoothness and shine. 

Why Terrazzo?

For floors used in heavy traffic public areas a bit of occasional heavy duty buffing and polishing can bring it back to like new. Regular mopping and dusting will extend it’s lifespan, when a terrazzo floor has lost its shine ground in dust is usually the culprit. It is a hard surface but it can scratch, professional polishing usually provides a remedy. Spillages, particularly acidic ones, can cause permanent damage if not cleaned up promptly, but providing proper care is taken terrazzo is one of the tougher floor types.

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